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Noble Melody`s Lemonpie Lucia, died 13th of August 2014
fro, athroses in her back, HD:A and ED: E
Parents: Noble Melody`s Jersey Lane, HD: A  ED: C
Themsens Ferrari HD: A and ED: D.

In this litter there where 4 puppies, born 13.12.2006.
Lucia`s brothers is Noble Melody`s :
Limelight Shadow, Norway HD: unknown ED: unknown
Limelight Spider, Norway HD:A - ED: C
N.ch. Limelight Shanty, Norway HD: A - ED: A/D

Lucia had 3 puppies born 27th of July 2009
Noble Lucia`s:
Amico Alfredo, red HD: A/D - ED: 0
He died 1.11.2012 from (cancer ventriculi)cancer in his stomack
Amico Arnaldo, red HD: unknown ED unknown
He died 12.2.2014 from infectious desease with result blood poisoning
Amico Antonio "Balder" fawn HD: unknown ED: Unknown
Balder lives in Norway.

Pedegree - Noble Melody`s Lemonpie Lucia, born 13.12.2006
Themsens Ferrari Sch Sukura Lord Sakato Sukura Lord Tarjique
Shemiff Frosty Pearl At Sukura
Danehof Gabriella Int.Nord.ch Cao of The China`s Joy
Af Vedby Dong Zhi
Noble Melody`s
Jersey Lane
N.ch Noble Melody`s
Greve Giotto McCæsar
N.S. ch
Chrisja`s Minister Cæsar
N.ch Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa)
Stagebo`s Penny Lane Downanda Royal Dolton
Stagebo`s Martha My Dear
Lucia8 weeks
Lucia 5 months
Lucia 18th of september 2009
Lucia 5th of September 2009
Lucia 20th of December 2009
Int dog chow Malmö 20.03.10
Lucia west Best bitch 4 exellent.

Lucia April
April 2010
Lucia and her son Alfredo in the garden
June 2010
Dogshow Vänersborg 05.06
Lemonpie Lucia went BOB and CAC.

Lucia swimming 2012
Noble Meoldy`s Limonpie Lucia

December 2012
Home in the garden. Lucia loves to play with the snow
and have to look good on the photo