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The Behaviour Book - (Ethology)
I went the Ethology course in the 9th February in 2008.
Within this course we studied the behaviour book that helps us understand why the newly born puppy acts like it does and how we should react on it, The more we understand the effect of the surroundings on the puppy for the first months, the bigger our opportunity to offer them an environment that makes them develop. And this contributes to the future dogowners conditions to a nice life with their dog.
The Breeding Book
The first and second of March 2008 I studied the course genetics.
Within this course we studied the breeding book, it brings up subjects about racebreeding and inbred, hereditary diseases and breeding for better health, genetic and long-term goals for dogbreeding. But foremost the breeding book explains the genetic build-up of the dog and what from scratch and what determines the upcoming puppies conditions, their future skills and properties.
The Puppy book
The 5th of April 2008 I studied the puppy book.
With this course we studied the puppy book that describes bitches in heat, mating, pregnancy and whelping, we also went through the most common diseases that bitches and males' posses. Advice how to care for the newly born puppies is also given.
The Jurisprudence Book
I studied the book of Jurisprudence the 8th and 19th of May.
Within this course we went through contract law, the sale of goods act, the breeder's common deals, tax issues, and import/export of the dog.
The anatomy book
The 18th of November and the 2th of December 2008 I studied the anatomy course. With this course we went the basic and detailed anatomy of the dogs. From the skeleton, musculature and movements, to the inner organs and the nervous system.
The Dogfood book - (Nutrition)
I studied the nutrition course the 17th of January 2009. We studied the dogfood book's expert advices throughly, such as how to feed the dog properly during its aging in the best of ways.