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My name is Elaine Pavia and I live on Orust together with my Husband Stefan, my two teenage boys Alexander and Tobias and our two Chow Chows Ibsen and Lucia. We live on a farm in a Community named Henån, 80 kilometres north of Gothenburg.

My interest for dogs has always been great and 1986 I was asked to take care of a Chow Chow bitch named Sara, from the kennel of Hassleholm. Sara had HD and could therefore not be used for breeding. This was my first Chow Chow and she was absolutely amazing.

My children was young when Sara left us and therefore some years passed before I got hold of a new Chow Chow, Because Chow Chow is the only race in my mind. On August the 1st a Chow Chow male was born in Norway. He got the name Ibsen and he was the only one in his litter and we got him home to our place in October 2004.
It was great to have a Chow in the house again, and since it was a male this time I felt thrilled and excited.
And of course it wasn't enough, the kids were not young anymore, so why don't get a Chow Chow bitch, said and done. On December 13th a Chow Chow bitch was born in Norway. Alone bitch with three males in the litter. And of course since she was born on December 13th her name would be Lucia. In February 2007 she arrived in our home. Two Chows in the house! Who knows what the future has to offer.

The most important thing for me is that my dogs is healthy and sound, has a good temperament and that they function well as company.

I have a very big interest to learn more about dogs. Here are some courses -conferences I have fulfilled:

Swedish Kennel Club's courses are divided into six parts
(breeding, behaviour, nutriment science, genetics, anatomy and jurisprudence.)

Conference about genetics and breeding completed in 2008

Conference about breeding in march 2009. More info under Training. mmmm
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