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Elvira died 1st of August 2019 from canser.
Elvira in the garden may 2019
Amico Antonio "Balder" 2 years old
Balder 9 years old 27.7.2018
Elvira visiting Norway 19.7.2018
Lisbeth, Elaine, Johansin, Elvira,Glede
Elvira and her halfsister Glede
Ibsen in his youth
Ibsen from Norway died 27.1.2016 from old age.
Ibsen 11 years Elvira 8 months
Elvira home from Denmark 4th of february 2015
Elvira home in Sweden.
Amico Arnaldo "Naldo", born 27 th of July .2009.
He died 26 th of February 2014 from infectious desease with
result blood poisoning.
Ibsen and Lucia in the garden - Christmas 2012
Lucia 20th of December 2012
Noble Lucia Amico Alfredo, born 27.7.2009.
He died 1.11.2012 from (cancer ventriculi)cancer in his stomack
Alfredo and his two brothers Balder and Naldo where 3 years
in July 2012. This photo from thebeginning of their lives.
Ibsen where 8 years the first of August.
Alfredo have - at last - lost his puppycot, and loves to play in the garden with his toybone.
Dogshow Vänersborg 05.06
Lemonpie Lucia went BOB and CAC.
Dogshow Vänersborg 05.06
Ibsen from Norway went best dog 3 exellent
On the 9th of may we took our chow chows and drove to Norway to visit our chow friends, whereas one of them were a puppy owner to Noble Lucias Amico Arnaldo(also know as Naldo). We had a great time and it was very pleasent too meet Naldo because we had not seen him since he was 8 weeks old.

Int dog chow Malmö 20.03.10:
Ibsen from Norway went Best dog 3 exellent
Int dog chow Malmö 20.03.10:
Lemonpie Lucia west Best bitch 4 exellent.
The brothers have met and had a great time. They really have a nice time togheter and seems to enjoy each other
Balder - Naldo 3.10.
Balder - Naldo 3.10.
Balder - Naldo 3.0.
Christmas. Balder are looking foreward to Christmas. Perhaps there is some presents for me ?
13th of December: Naldo are visiting his brother Balder. They enjoy each other`s company very much and have lots of fun.
Dogshow in Växjö october 2009
Noble Melody´s Ibsen from Norway became best dog 3/CK at the open class.
27th of July puppies where born at Noble Lucia`s.
Parents: Noble Melody`s Ibsen from Norway / Noble Melody`s Lemonpie Lucia
Noble Lucia`s Amico Alfredo stays at home. He and his parents are enjoying themselvs in the garden.
Noble Lucia`s Amico Arnaldo, moved to Norway
Noble Lucia`s Amico Antonio, moved to Norway
Lucia Alfredo 10th of Seprember
Alfredo 10th of September
Alfredo 10th og September
Dog Show in Vänersborg in June:

Noble Melody´s Ibsen from Norway went BOS CAC
Dog Show in Gothenburg :
Noble Melody`s Lemonpie Lucia went BTK 4